October 20, 2012

Your Questions: Moving From Vinyl To Digital Music

A digitaldjtips reader wrote in and asked a question that is probably on a lot of other people’s minds as well.  The reader G is n older DJ who’s been out of the game for many years.  Most of his collection consists of vinyl records; he already has his own system to organize and store his records – but he’s confused on how he should approach organization with digital files.  He wants to know what media player or software is best for organizing, and if it’s better to store his files on an external hard drive.

iTunes or any other type of media player isn’t necessary to access and organize songs, however, the structure used to categorize music on iTunes is superb, and makes it easy to find song; by searching through its characteristics (Genre, Artist, etc).  iTunes playlists are also directly compatible with DVS programs like Serato and Traktor, so if he ever decides to it, his crates will be organized.

Macbook Pro

Also, having music stored on an internal hard drive or your laptop or Macbook is the preferred method of storage.  An external hard drive is not necessary, and sometimes takes longer to access – but it is still a good idea to use an external as a backup.