October 21, 2012

More on modular from Roger Linn

For any piece of equipment out there, a modular unit is quickly becoming the most popular and requested feature.  It doesn’t need to a musical instrument or controller either.  The one-size-fits-all strategy is no longer the king, as more and more users understand the benefits of “having things their way”.  Take a look at soldier on the battlefield, with vests and rigs that can easily be modified to suit their tactical needs.

QuNeo 3D

We’re not blowing things up with Traktor, or saving lives with controllers – but the desire to have your buttons and controls the way you like, is still desired.  Projects like Keith McMillen’s QuNeo 3D programmable midi pad controller is a baby step towards customization at its peak.  Roger Linn has been pushing the envelope in terms of design and modeling.  On his website, he shows off a variety of different “shelved product” modular control surface ideas that no longer look farfetched in the current state of controller production.

Modular Control Surface

It begs the question, “Will this be the future of controllers?”  I can easily see how consumers would like the idea of modifying the stuff they have, versus unloading their old controller on the secondary market for something new.  Companies who decide to go modular will ultimately be taking the biggest risks, as they can’t say for sure if it will catch on.