October 21, 2012

Is This Ableton Live 9? Leaked Screenshots Surface

What’s not to love about leaked pictures and videos of upcoming DJ equipment and software?  Goons on the internet and fanboys worldwide are adept at keeping one eye on the computer screen for any product information leaks out there.  Some users on Reddit spotted a video posted by Ableton, which was quickly taken down – but not before some revealing screen shots were captured!

Ableton 9 Leaked Picture

Although none of this information is officially confirmed, it seems Ableton 8 Live is set to be replaced by Ableton 9, which will be released sometime in the near future.  Although there aren’t any huge, visible changes to the user interface – there are some clearly defined differences, like the two-step column browser view that cannot be moved.


The compressor tool has obviously been worked on, and includes a simplified interface, and what looks like to be an integrated harmonic compression, EQ compression, and waveform compression.  A quick look at the top bar reveals that the transport section has been updated, and the metronome might possibly have some new added options.  The last screenshot shows a picture of the parametric EQ pop-out visualize with detailed harmonic readings.  All in all, it looks like the folks at Ableton have been working to increase the workflow of their software.

Ableton 9 EQ