October 22, 2012

Controller Clinic #15: Denon DJ MC2000 vs Traktor Kontrol S2

A question was asked by a rookie DJ who was in the market for a new budget to midlevel controller, after his previous one bit the dust.  His price range is obviously not high enough to go after a top end Vestax or Traktor controller, so he had narrowed it down to two possible options; the Traktor Kontrol S2, or the Denon DJMC2000.  Having to narrow your choices down from all the different varieties of controllers out there is a challenge that can cause anxiety, but from one controller to the next – there are a few important points to look at.

Kontrol S2

One thing that needs to be considered is the DVS you plan on using.  A copy of Traktor Pro usually comes bundled with a Traktor certified controller, free – and Native Instruments also offers different versions of their software, depending on if you need vinyl manipulation (Traktor Scratch Pro), of if you just need midi controller software.  Since Denon is bundled with Serato DJ Intro, he’ll have to upgrade to Scratch Live if he wants to take full advantage of all the software features.

Even more importantly, the two programs are different.  There are DJ’s who prefer Traktor over Serato, and vice versa.  Perhaps he should actually check the software out to see if he can manage it, first.