October 22, 2012

Stanton Adds Hot Cues & Other Improvements To SCS.4DJ

Stanton has its place in the DJ market, but controllers were never one of its strongest points.  A decade ago, Stanton was creating some pretty relevant items like the SA-8 mixer, which came with the focus cross fader – a fader that can still hold its own against offerings from Audio Innovate, Ecler, and Rane.  Stanton’s s top end turntables also have their own place in the market, and still rival that of Technics and Vestax – but their production of effects units, controllers, and late model mixers never fared as well.


It’s good to see that Stanton is still working on backend tweaks, and improving upon older controllers that are no longer cutting edge.  The SCS.4 DJ 2-channel jog wheel controller was one of those decent buys at a decent price, touting itself to be a software/computer free solution to controlling and manipulating mp3’s.  However, there were immediate problems with the firmware that left people wanting more.  Stanton recently updated that firmware, giving DJs some much needed functionality back such as beatgrid editing, 3 hotcues per deck, loop memory, and scratching that works even when the deck is paused.

The changes are welcomed, and it says something about the character of Stanton in general.  Although some of their products aren’t the best out there, they’ve still taken note to consumer requests and do what they can to fix issues, rather than scrapping them and moving on.