October 23, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: JetPack Remix DJ bag [Video demo and interview]

Unless you’re flying from town to town, how you transport your equipment from one area to the next is completely up to you.  Odyssey and Road Ready cases have cornered the market for hauling expensive gear around, like turntables, controllers, and mixers – but carrying the rest of your gear (needles, slipmats, and records) does not require as much protection, and people have different ways of bringing those items to their gig.


A backpack or carrying bag is a popular option.  There are many that offer enough space and strategic compartments, such as the UDG Producer Bag, which is more than enough space for small items you’d like to pack.  American Audio also has the VMS4 is more a sleek briefcase sized bag, when you want to carry fewer items without looking like you’re going backpacking.

JetPack Remix

Orbit Concepts’ JetPack Remix lies somewhere in between the two.  It offers a large amount of space, and compartments that will store your vinyl records without needing record sleeves.  The size is satisfactory, and wide enough to store a macbook pro horizontally, but still fits on your back and does not needed to be toted with an extra handle and wheels.  Other compartments are sized specifically for object like your needle case or DVS soundcard.