October 24, 2012

Watch Prince Play New Single, Cover Michael Jackson on “Kimmel”

Michael is gone and I feel like most of us miss him.  Although there will be no after-death songs that are released under his name, his slew of hits before his death are unforgettable.  Even if you’re someone who has never liked pop music, Michael Jackson’s hit singles reach far beyond the limits of genres – and there will always be another cover of his song.  Alien Ant Farm’s cover of “Smooth Criminal” is exactly my point, that these types of hits cannot be excluded form of music, like rock and rap.

If there is any one singer that could cover Michael’s voice – it would have to be Prince.  This was the case for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, last night where he performed his own hit “Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Affair”, but also got down with some of Michael’s classics: “Don’t Stop ‘till Your Get Enough” and “Take Me With You”.  The 54 year old musician is on a small come back of his own, and still retains his place in pop culture as well.  Younger audiences who might not have grown up with Prince and songs like “When Doves Cry”, will surely know him from Dave Chapelle’s skits with Charley Murphy on Comedy Central.