October 24, 2012

Fiona Apple Records Song for Judd Apatow Movie

Not all press about Fiona Apple, is bad press.  Even if it were bad publicity, I’d bet that it’s increasing her exposure in the industry.  No doubt, Apple probably has a court date marked on her calendar following her little ordeal with Texas Sheriffs who found a pound of marijuana in her possession – but she’s no longer continuing her verbal sparring match with the police department; she’s moved onto bigger and better things.

Apparently, she has created some original music for an upcoming movie, “This is 40”, which is set to be the sequel to the popular 2007 hit “Knocked Up”.  But while you may hear bits of the track in the movie, the final track will never be released, at least not on the soundtrack.  Fiona Apple got the gig, due to her relationship with the director Judd Apatow; the two have been friends and acquaintances.  The song that’s featured in the film is called “Dull Tool”, and Fiona states that she had written the piece simply because she wanted an “assignment” to do.  Jon Brion, who has collaborated with Apple in the past, is in charge of the score for the movie, which makes it clear why Apple was involved.