October 26, 2012

Ableton Announces Live 9 Software & Push Hardware

The folks at Ableton are beginning to see the light (much like the folks at Native Instruments) and understand just how valuable their software is.  When the first versions of Ableton were released, users didn’t exactly use the software as the Ableton guys thought they would.  They were doing all sort of weird things with it, and finding unique ways to incorporate it into their live shows.  The entire aspect of live production, remixing, and using it as a tool to help the DJ, was more of an unintended consequence than a selling point.

Ableton Push

The growth of the controller market and their usefulness to live DJs, made Ableton a worthy tool that stretched beyond the realm of the studio producers.  Now Ableton has stepped in the controller game with their own production controller, called Ableton Push Hardware.  A first glance at the hardware leads you to believe it was made by Novation, as it shares a similar button setup as the Novation Launchpad.  However, take a closer inspection and you’ll realize that these pads are actually velocity sensitive – and with the higher price tag you are probably getting a better quality piece of hardware.

Does Ableton have what it takes to compete with Novation and Akai?  Only time, and perhaps some great demos by known professional, will tell.