October 26, 2012

Digital DJ Tips 2012 Reader Survey Results

iPad Users

Digitaldjtips.com has conducted their biggest readership poll as of yet, and reveals some interesting characteristics about those who DJ, produce, and take an active part in the DJ community.  Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of those who responded were male – yet the largest age group of readers is not the 18-25 year olds, it’s the 30-39 year olds.  Perhaps these are the older vinyl DJs who want to get back into their beloved hobby in the digital age.  Other pie charts also reveal some interesting facts, like the fact that DJing with an iPad is becoming a more accepted among digital DJs.

People who source music still tend to use a variety of different legal and illegal methods.  Subscription services like Beatport still represent a good financial tradeoff between cost and availability, but iTunes and Amazon are also good sources for those who want to pay up front for their music.

The rift between producers and DJs is still apparent, although some DJs are beginning to take their baby steps into the world of producing – a whopping 44% of responders stated that they haven’t attempted to remix their own tracks yet.  Ableton still remains king for DJs and producers, representing almost 50% of those who responded.  FL Studio came in second, taking about half that of Ableton.  Logic users came in 3rd, and are not large enough to shake a stick at the Ableton heads out there.