October 26, 2012

Traktor Pro 2.6 Now Available

Traktor has been putting down work behind the scenes in order to make sure their first venture in the mixer world is a strong one.  Besides letting the pros test out their Kontrol Z2 while teasing adoring fans at the same time, they’ve also been adding finishing touches to their Traktor Pro software, which are actually more like monumental leaps forwards in DVS technology.

Traktor Pro 2

One of the biggest changes to date is the addition of Post-fader effect routing.  For some DJs, pre-fader effects (effects that are dependent on you line channel being open) are completely useless.  If you were to use an echo out effect while transitioning from on channel to the next, the tail end of the echo would be lost – killing the blend in the transition.  Since the Kontrol Z2 is a digital mixer, the effects routing can be altered much like using the send/return function on an analog mixer, and will be preserved even if you close one channel completely.

MacroFX have been added, which is merely a bundling of effects onto one single control.  This makes it easier to trigger an array of effects without needing 4 arms and 6 fingers on each hand.  After many complaints, full-EQ kills are now provided which comes standard on many high end mixers like the Ecler HAK 360 and the Rane 62.