October 26, 2012

Backing Up Your Digital DJ Data

Having a terabyte of music on your external hard drive is not as big of a deal as having your carefully planned out playlists and crates that took you months to develop.  If you were to ask your DJ friend to let you borrow his external music for a day and that might be no problem.  However, if you ask him to give you his carefully selected playlists and organized crates, he’d probably say no.  That’s because getting your Serato playlists and settings the way you like them is the most crucial part of being a digital DJ.  With hundreds of thousands of songs, it’s the organization that counts, not the number of songs you possess.

This is why backing up data all the time is such a big deal.  There is no worse feeling than arriving to a gig, and having your only source of music fail.  Everything from settings, to playlists, to libraries should have some sort of scheduled redundant protection plan.  The simplest way to do this is by using external drives, such as flash USB drives or larger external hard drives.  Nowadays, storing files online using cloud storage is also a viable option for the cost, although it can be time consuming if you have volumes of files to store.