October 26, 2012

5 Easy Steps To DJing With Live Musicians

The solo DJ gig is very effective when you think about it in a business sense.  Aside from your usual bill that have to be paid, one DJ and their music is really all the club needs to sell tickets and drinks.  Add some lighting, some effects, and you’ve got yourself a full blown club.  It’s also very one dimensional and can get old if nothing is dynamically changed about the regular routine.  A live show with musicians and a DJ is something that would be truly crowd pleasing, and your audience wouldn’t dismiss you as the jukebox either – but to pull it off there’s more to worry about.

More setup time and sound testing would be required, as well as space for other musicians and equipment; and this is assuming you know the musicians and already have good chemistry with them.  Live instruments that can be included can range from drummers, to keys, to brass instruments – but whichever option you choose to pursue, you’ll have to find a working balance so that one musician (including the DJ) doesn’t dominate the entire show.  More people to work with also means more added expenses, and your musicians might want to be paid up front.  Again, it helps to know a few friend who just want to get their names out there.