October 27, 2012

Listen: Sampling Pioneer Steinski Releases Anti-Romney Track Using Samples of Mitt’s Voice

To ignore the young constituency of America would be foolish these days.  The younger generation might not be wise and set in their ways, but they do take an active role in the political process and understand what’s going on in the business of politics.  Modern presidents who make an attempt to reach out to the 30 and under Americans stand a better chance of success and unlike some of the elder voters out there – we’re willing to look at all the facts rather than blindly sticking to one side.

Another great characteristic of young voters is their ability to use creativity to speak their mind.  Musicians have been known to voice their opinions and use their star power, but musicians are taking it one step further – creating political songs.  Steinski aka. GirlTalk has released a mashup on his website illegal-art.net, which features audio clips of Mitt Romney’s voice.  The act of multi-tracking someone’s live words isn’t new, but it’s awfully embarrassing when those words are something they never wanted the public to hear in the first place.  Key phrases such as “the 47%” and “binders full of women” are in there; pieced together in a satirical and humorous way.