October 27, 2012

Lil Wayne Hospitalized Again

Lil Wayne isn’t the same Lil Wayne that made his way up through Cash Money Millionaires using his strange voice and stage presence.  He’s older now.  It’s hard to see our favorite (or not so favorite) rappers as anything but the talented youth growing up in their late 20’s, but the fact is that most of these guys are nearing their 40’s, and probably have bigger responsibilities like taking care of the kids at home.  Without factoring in a hard night partying or drug usage, the stresses of bring a rapstar can take a toll on the body, which isn’t as willing to bounce back as it once was.

Lil Wayne has reportedly been hospitalized twice this last year.  Yesterday, the rapper suffered from health problems on his plane trip from Texas to Los Angeles.  It is unclear what happened, as some reported that he had seizures due to dehydration, and Lil Wayne’s representatives said it was an intense migraine that had him hospitalized.  Just before this incident, he was also hospitalized for the very same reasons, dehydration and severe migraines.

It’s not uncommon to see musicians and talented artist develop health problems due to bad habits and substance abuse – let’s hope Lil Wayne gets back on his feet.