October 29, 2012

Over To You: Best Budget Mixer For Vinyl & MP3s?

A reader from digitaldjtips.com wrote in, asking a question about the best budget mixer for vinyl and mp3’s.  Her partner was a house DJ in his younger years, and has a vast collection of vinyl records – but his mixer had recently broken, so she wanted to buy him something more modern that can handle both.  It’s strikes a chord when the words “budget” and mixer are spoken in the same sentence, especially when it also involves digital files, such as mp3’s.  Luckily, digital mixers have evolved and have been around long enough for there to be reasonable options at low cost, even though they might not be the best.

Assuming a full-blown DVS like Serato is out of the question, there are some mixers out there with USB connectivity that can still handle mp3 files, even though they don’t come with any number crunching software.  Digitaldjtips.com makes some references to the American Audio MXR-10, but better can be had at around the same price.  Behringer, who has gotten much better in their production, is offering the NOX202 Pro DJ Mixer, which satisfies many of the reader’s needs and more.  It offers access to mp3’s while still maintaining the traditional layout of a 2-channel mixer.  It also a 3-band EQ with full-kills which is something you’d typically not see at an offering of this caliber.