October 29, 2012

Your Questions: Why Does Everyone Use Macs For DJing?

There is plenty of elitism in the DJ arena, and this can spread among all the aspects of the DJ – from the music they spin, the clothes they wear, and even what type of gear they use.  Many can relate to the geardos they’ve met in their life, who constantly churn in and out new gear, with disdain for those who cannot pay to play.  It’s quite common to see the ubiquitous bright apple logo on the back of the DJ’s laptop – but is this just a symbol of elitism too? Well, maybe not.

Macbook Pro

It would seem DJs who use the Macbook Pro have something against windows users who bring out their nerdy Asus, Toshiba, and Dell laptops to the club – but the reality is that the Macbook offers more than a symbol of luxury and wealth.  Since no other manufacture is authorized to make laptops that natively run OSX, Apple gets the privilege of knowing exactly what hardware goes into each computer.  This ensures that every laptop is built to spec and can achieve exactly what it’s capable of.  Yes, the Macbook Pro can still freeze and crash, just like any other computer, but the odds of it actually happening is in the tenths of a fraction (when compared to Windows laptops).

Since a *crash* in the middle of a live performance can be extremely upsetting, the added costs of a Macbook Pro over its Windows contender is worth the peace of mind.