October 31, 2012

Review: DJ Player v5 For iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

There are many reasons why the iPad is hard to consider as a worthy DJing device at face value.  So far, no big name DVS company has created an iPad application that is 100% as good as its PC or laptop based counterpart.  This is not due to laziness or lack of willpower, as we’ve seen some monumental improvements to DJ apps, as well as the operating system they run on.  Apple iPads and iPods simply lack peripheral connections that make it easy to use external devices such as midi controllers.  This argument will soon become a thing of the past, as controller companies, app creators, and even Apple themselves working together to ensure that USB midi devices will work with OSX and Djing software.

One of the biggest selling points of DJ Player v5 is its ability to use “class compliant” USB midi controllers directly, so long as the controller itself is compliant as well.  This means iPad USB connection kits will be able to send information from hardware to software properly.  The only drawback is that not all MIDI hardware out there will be compatible – but if you’ve got that problem solved, DJ Player v5 makes it simple to map velocity sensitive functions.  It also means that you’re no longer limited to the space that your touch screen provides for virtual midi pads.