November 2, 2012

Windows 8 Multi-Touch Music Apps Could Be Huge

My best guess about the 2012-2013 era of electronics is that we will see more companies breaking into untested waters; trying things out and seeing if they can take a dip in someone else’s pool.  Native Instruments made headlines by producing their first hardware mixer, the Kontrol Z2 – and Ableton is even trying their hand in the hardware controller market.  It is still unknown if Microsoft’s jump from a software-only company to tablet producing company will pay off, but we do know that when companies compete for the edge in technology, consumer reap the benefits of lower costs and more options.

A new version of Windows isn’t unexpected – but the use of touch screen functionally on anything other than an Apple product is remarkable.  Right off the bat consumers will be given exponentially more hardware options, given that various manufactures can produce products to run Microsoft Windows 8 (while only Apple can produce iOS running devices).

In this video we watch Jordan Rudess take advantage of the Lenovo A720 – a touch screen computer with enough real estate to build a small shelter from the rain.  Could this spell disaster for the iPad?  Perhaps it won’t, but it now opens the doors for DJs and Producers to become more creative with touch screen technology.