November 2, 2012

Giles Reaves On How To Make Space Music

If you ever stop to look up into the sky at night and wonder why the universe behaves the way it does, you’re not alone.  The final frontier is something that’s awe inspiring, and high quality images and video of the night’s sky is something almost hypnotic that really leaves you with a loss of words.  Of course, our visual stimulation goes well with the right kind of music – space music.  Producers of ambient music like Brian Eno know how to create the right kind of non-melodies and non-beats that leave your brain unable to focus on anything distinct, while getting lost in a trance of various sounds and chords that seems to meld together.

Giles Reaves, a “space music” producer demonstrates on video and shares some of his tips on how to create this style of music using the Synapse Antidote synthesizer – a patch for Reason 6.5 users.  Reaves not only created the score to go along with the video, he also captured the video himself using a Nikon D600 which was set on a time-lapse mode.  The shots of the sky are taken during the night near areas of Northern Arizona and southern Utah.  The video and music together are a small work of art.