November 2, 2012

Livid Intros Alias 8 MIDI Controller

More and more midi controllers are getting released, and smaller companies are also unafraid to spar with the big names and show off their own creations.  We welcome this sort of behavior, since not only do we get different types of controller layouts available to us; we also get varying types of builds at different price points.  There are plenty of small but useful controllers available to DJs like Novation’s Dicer, which solves cueing problems as well as layout problems (lack of space due to turntables).

Novation Dicer

For those who are more controller oriented, the QuNeo is a step forward in modular innovation – allowing users to set their controller up exactly the way they like it.  While these two types of controllers are aimed at low cost and functionality, there is also a market for higher end, higher quality controllers that offer superior build quality and style.  The Novation Nocturn is a baby step towards this idea, which doesn’t need the maximum amount of rotaries and faders to be useful. Clever design and layout are more appealing in this case.  The Alias 8, created by Livid Instruments, delivers something along the same lines of style and superior build.  The controller features 8 channel strips, each containing rotary pots, line faders, and MIDI buttons – all of which are assembled by hand.

Alias 8




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