November 3, 2012

The QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller Offers MIDI, Control Voltage, OSC + USB. And Polyphonic Aftertouch.

Keith McMillen has a new MIDI device in the works for those who were impressed by his latest creation, the QuNeo.  Once again he is using his resources gathered from Kickstarter to back his project and fund its creation, rather than simply producing 1 million devices and hoping they sell off.  His newest design looks different from the QuNeo, and it looks like it’s taking the form of a MIDI accessory rather than the primary unit of control.

It shares the same elongated rectangle design that we see from the Korg Nano series and the Akai LPD8, but the buttons are arranged in a piano key formation making it very familiar for people who are already pianists.  It uses almost every form of technology available in current midi devices and including a mix of pressure, location, and velocity sensitivity.  It does so by uniting MIDI control voltage, OSC, and USB functionality.  The pads or keys look different from traditional soft pads, and seems to activated by sensing the fingers rather than being activated by a switch that need to be physically pressed.

The suggested backing price for this device starts at $150, and it’s promised to work on almost any operating system without drivers needed (plug and play).