November 3, 2012

Square Loop Lets You Do Beer-Fueled Beatmaking

I’m certain that there are iOS app developers out there who are making their careers on iPhone and iPad apps.  There is a huge market for different types of musical apps, and the thought of creating music at your fingertips is quite appealing.  While there are some very heavy programs that can be used with dedicated peripherals like the IK Multimedia line of accessories, some of these apps were built to be taken less seriously.  Simple apps that require little training or instruction seem to be the most fun with little knowledge or experience required – and you might end up creating things that are actually worthwhile.

RobStar UG has released their newest app called “Square Loop”, and the title pretty much defines what it’s good for.  The app itself does not contain any onboard instruments; instead users sample their own sounds using their onboard mic to capture whatever sounds they desire.  They can then be sequenced using a “square” grid sequencer to create small musical riffs.  In their demonstration they use nothing more than a few beers in the bottle, a cup, and a guitar to create a quick and dirty melody. It may not be the most powerful or useful app out there, but for less than a dollar it’s worth a cheap thrill.