November 3, 2012

Your Questions. Can I Rip My Old Vinyl With A Traktor Kontrol S4?

Traktor is a DVS loaded with tons of options, settings, and abilities to use as a digital DJ.  Obviously the most useful application of Traktor is using it to trigger cues and samples from a controller, or using it to track movements of your platter.  Along with an effects bank and an onboard sampler it can be used to produce music on its own, with the help of cue points that act like sound banks in a sequencer.  One overlooked use of Traktor, is its ability to record sound from an analog device – in this case, a turntable.

While there are better programs out there to help you capture a good recording from a vinyl record, like Cubase, Traktor is capable enough as long as input settings are changed and input volumes are adjusted to prevent clipping.  To use it with Traktor set your inputs to “phono“and one of your software channel inputs to “live”.  Of course, once you have your recording all situated you’re going to want to edit it in an eternal editor, to cut off the beginning and end of the track cleanly.  Advanced audio editors and DAWs actually come with tools to help mitigate common problems created by vinyl records, such as cue burns and hissing noises.