November 5, 2012

Lil Wayne Loses The Carter Documentary Lawsuit

The irony of Lil Wayne’s life story is not lost, as his attempt to sue the producers of his own biography has come down to a final verdict in court.  Lil Wayne took the producers of “The Carter” to court over an issue regarding the usage of his music during the film.  Weezy felt that certain tracks throughout the documentary were used without his permission and infringed upon his rights to the songs.  Among those who were involved in the lawsuit includes Quincy Jones III.


After much arbitration, the judge has ordered the case to be dismissed with Lil Wayne gaining nothing out of it.  A quick countersuit was proposed by those who were originally defending themselves, requiring Lil Wayne to pay over two thousand dollars in fines.  The countersuit claims that Lil Wayne’s opposition to the documentary caused potential profits to be lost.  Perhaps this is the least of the bad news for Lil Wayne, who was recently in the news of suffering serious health problems on the road.  Twice he was admitted to a hospital after suffering exhaustion problems during his plane trips, and there were subsequent claims that the rapper had experienced seizures.  For Lil Weezy, when it rains – it pours.