November 5, 2012

The QuNexus Is An ‘Anything Goes’ Superfreak Control Keyboard

Keith McMillen’s newest Kickstarter funded creation “QuNexus” has almost already reached its funding capacity.  The few brief demo videos that exist of it show it being used in a practical setting, both by producers and piano players.  While its physical form is not the most original (like the QuNeo was), the technology going into it, from a controllers standpoint, is revolutionary.  The basis, upon which the controller was highlighted, was its various forms of sensory control.  These include MIDI, Control Voltage, USB Connectivity, and polyphonic aftertouch.

However, it’s not just about how humans can interact with the controller this time – it also has much to do with how the controller communicates with other electronic and musical devices.  Apparently, this device will be able to control everything.  Control voltages are measured and adjusted for both inputs and outputs, meaning that the QuNexus could be used to control a Eurorack Synthesizer, if need be.  The MIDI control works the same way as well and can be used in conjunction with software synthesizers on Windows and on OS X – via the USB connection.

This “connect to anything” ability really sets it apart from other controllers that share its form and functionality.  No longer will these types of controllers be limited to purely live DJ use on Digital Vinyl Software.