November 5, 2012

Anushri Synthesizer Combines Analog + Digital Sound + Lo-Fi Drum Machine + Eurorack + Open

Just owning an analog synthesizer must be a blast.  These large obtrusive machines somehow take the most basic of noise sources and, with a little math, produce sounds that are almost unimaginable to the average person.  Applying modulation and effects to frequencies is where it all derives from, and the concept can go from simple to difficult – given the amount of processing tools available today.  Companies like Moog are still around and are producing viable machines that are more consistent with the standards of digital technology.  The problem is that it will cost you a pretty penny just to get your feet wet.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t fun, low-cost alternatives out there to get you started.  Do it yourself kits are very popular among tinkerers and hackers.  The Anushri is a small piece of equipment designed to give you basic synthesizer functions, but also adds the ability to add drums and piece it together into something more coherent.  All in all, it includes a raw analog vco with a digital oscillator – plus a host of added production tools like a built-in drum machine, Eurorack connectivity, a built-in step sequencer, and even extra connections for those looking to change their hardware or software.