November 6, 2012

Listen: Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta), Releases Song in Support of Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street movement didn’t quite turn out the way people had originally expected.  Across the United States (and the World), a bitter public showed their contempt towards Wall Street executives and other large corporations for their part in the economy’s downfall.  These organized demonstrations ended up becoming larger than expected, and without organized leadership and consistent goals from one demonstrator to the next, the movement seemed to barrel into a chaotic state.  Local police departments and city officials did their best to let the peaceful protest continue, but at a certain point it could no longer be contained without small acts of vandalism and violence here and there.

Presently, the occupy movement is no longer the driving force that it once was – but that doesn’t mean the movement has been demolished.  There are notable supporters out there that still see themselves as the 99%, and are adamantly vocal about the central idea of the movement.  Alan Moore, the creator of Watchmen and V for Vendetta, has created a track titled “The Decline of English Murder” which talks about greed and incompetence that brought us here in the first place.  Alan Moore is also a supporter of the hacktavist group Anonymous, who has been working to expose government agendas.