November 6, 2012

Glow In The Dark Patch Cables

“Personal” accessories are currently back in-style.  I’m not talking about the little gadgets and gizmos that you cling to (tablet, iPhone, etc.) – I’m talking about the personality of an object, or how it characterizes you.  Function is still top dog, but having style is nearly just as important.  Personality is why someone chooses a Rane TTM-57 over a Rodec Scratchbox.  Even though the Scratchbox delivers more of a mixer and more to work with, it simply isn’t as pretty as Rane’s next best offering.

Pioneer releases color- coded themed CDJ’s and mixers once in a while to keep the style crowd happy.  The trend continues with even smaller objects such as control vinyls and headphones.  Colored devices and accessories are no longer considered unprofessional if they aren’t in black.  In fact, Traktor’s colored control vinyls are in more demand than their plain black counterparts.  The newest form of color-coded objects out there is colored cables.  Cables are traditionally meant to work and not be seen, but modular synthesizer users are beginning to warm up to the idea of using stylish patch cables.  This short video shows off some glow in the dark cables being used to patch one jack to another.