November 6, 2012

Watch: Jay-Z Performs “99 Problems” at Obama Rally

The thought of having a rapper in the White house or a rapper performing for a political event probably has some dead politicians rolling in their graves.  It’s not that politicians haven’t used songs and musical acts to get a message across – they have, but finding the right rapper and the right song to send across to America is definitely a challenge.  The first election of Obama was monumental, due to the fact that rappers actively began to take part in politics, and began creating songs with deeper messages than the types of topics we’re used to hearing.  When you factor in the statistic that a large majority of rap listeners are made up of many suburban middle class types, it becomes apparent that political messages in rap music are further reaching than you may have thought.


At a recent Obama rally for his 2012 presidency, CNN was on the spot to broadcast a performance by rapper Jay-Z.  He performed his classic “99 problems”, but changed the tune with the words, “I’ve got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one.”  It’s a very clever use of words and something that a rapper of this caliber would think of.  The crowd in attendance wasn’t the usually crowd that attends Jay-Z concerts, but it seemed like they got the message.