November 8, 2012

How To Book Guest DJs For Your Club Night, Part 2

Part 1 of “How to book a guest DJ for you club” discussed the motivations and reasons why DJs seek out other DJs to play at their clubs.  For one, adding a guest to the night’s show is a bonus for everyone.  Owners, DJs, and fans all get to take something home with them from the night, be it nice alcohol sales, a new experience, or new networking opportunities for the future.  As long as the motive isn’t simply to wave flyers in people’s faces, it seems like something to pursue.

The real work beings by learning how to book well while maximizing your booking efforts.  Some artists can only be contacted through their assigned booking agents, and in some cases you may need to speak directly to the label themselves.  If you’re lucky, you can speak directly with the DJ you want to book and hopefully converse on a more personal level with them.  If you’re guest DJ is flying in from another part of town, room and board are typically expected to be paid in advance, as well as payment for the night’s services.  Remember that your guest DJ might also be tired from the trip, so be prepared to gather last minute items that might have been forgotten such as headphones or turntable needles.