November 8, 2012

10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager Is Dipped In Gold, $15k

When the orderly life as we know it comes to an abrupt end, followed by the destruction of societies and all organized ways of living, currency will become officially useless.  The only thing that will actually retain value on its own will be precious metals, or more specifically, gold.  Gold is such a precious resource, that people will put gold on anything – even if it serves no purpose and even if it serves to make it unusable in the future.  Maybe gold toilets are a little off the chart here, but we’ve seen gold on the DJ scene before.

When Technics was a sponsor of the DMC competitions, gold turntables were handed out to each winner – complete with a gold-covered vinyl record.  Obviously these were not for sale and could not be bought.  Other gold-like offerings have been made available in limited editions, but most of these had the look, but without the weight or true value.  If you’re looking for something that’s already valuable, but you want it dipped in real gold, Moog is releasing a version of their Minimoog Voyager with a golden finish.  Not only does it look the part, it’s also worth its weight in, well, gold.  Of course this will set your back the price of a small car and you will have a hard time bringing yourself to actually use it.