November 9, 2012

Pioneer RMX-1000 Launches In Glossy Pearl White

Even with all the advances that digital vinyl software companies are making, DJs are still wary about keeping all of their eggs in one basket.  Rane has understood this problem from the beginning.  When they created Serato Scratch Live, they did their best to keep it as “light” of a program as possible, in order to keep its need for system resources low.  So far, they’ve done a great job at creating a stable DVS, but the opposing argument is that they simply do not provide adequate peripheral functions such as sampling and effects.

The Traktor’s philosophy is quite different from Serato’s, in that copious amount of extra functions have been encouraged and developed from day one.  In fact, there are just as many effect controls on Traktor as there are on some external, stand-alone FX devices.  The only issue with this approach is it makes your computer work hard, sometimes too hard.  This costs you reliability in the long run – and this is the reason why external effects units are still popular.

Pioneers RMX-1000, which replaced the EFX-1000, has just be re-released in a special white edition.  This is obviously not something the folks at Korg would think of doing, and the significance behind move lies in the fact Pioneer is still taking their effects units seriously, even with the amount of software effects out there, that are available at little cost.