November 9, 2012

Vavdo A2 MIDI Controller Now Available

New midi controller designs and prototypes are always welcomed, no matter how eccentric or ill suited they may seem at first.  The large controller companies are always on the hunt to produce the best or most useful design, but appealing to the masses usually means playing it safe – and playing it safe is never any fun.  The typical arrangement usually has something to do with a selection of faders, knobs, and pads, but little thought is actually taken when considering the physical differences and the way people use controllers.  There have been few steps towards making a revolutionary product (except for the QuNeo) that change the way we use controllers.

The Vavado A2 Midi Controller doesn’t look typical at all.  In fact, lacking any type of input controls other than knobs makes it seem more like a light dimmer.  The designers were careful in their design, and actually created the layout to conform to the anatomy of the human hand.  Basically, it’s designed to receive input from all 5 fingers at once.  This will allow musicians and producers to really create music in a non-linear way and really changes the way we perceive controllers.  Instead of using individual inputs to control each parameter specifically, you are left with an open-ended device which relies on tactile sensing and spontaneous creativity.