November 9, 2012

Small PA System Vs Monitor Speakers For DJing

If you were given the choice right now, to buy either a pair of KRK Rokits or QSC K12s, which would you choose?  In an ideal situation you would have both.  You would end up with a solution for entertaining audiences in a small room, a monitoring solution for gigging out, and you’d have the power to “reach out and touch somebody” in a large dance hall.  Unfortunately, this may cost you more than your actual DJ system – and it’s not uncommon for speakers to get pricey, quickly.  Even if you own both, you’ll be hard pressed to find a use for 12” speakers at home when you already have a nice pair of monitors.

I think that shooting for a pair of KRK Rokits first would be the better option.  Even though you’ll miss out on mobile DJ opportunities, you won’t be subjected to hauling them everywhere you go and making sure that they aren’t fried at the end of the night.  If you’re offered a gig at a club, they’ll probably already have a speaker system installed.  Plus, having a good pair of monitors for home usage (bedroom DJing) will actually improve your cueing skills and prepare you for the distractions and stresses of playing out.  There is no doubt you will actually use the monitors more than your loudspeaker PA system.