November 10, 2012

What’s In Your DJ Bag with Ean Golden

It’s common to see DJs with turntables, a mixer, and even some form of controller attached to his DVS setup.  This type of setup is probably more on the minimal side and odds are we’re going to see more controller based setups in the future.  Controllers are lightweight (most of them), easy to pack, and easy to setup, and you’ll often see a controllerist with multiple controllers in use on stage.  So what do these guys take with them to the club?

Ean Golden from djtechtools.com sheds a little insight on what he brings to his gigs, and why.  First and foremost he packs his trusty Midi Fighter 3D as well as another midi fighter variant.  Ean is the creator of the midi fighter so it makes sense that he’d have a pair of them on hand.  Surprisingly, he doesn’t use headphones in his travel set, he actually uses in the ear monitors.  Ean also packs a controller stand, but that doesn’t mean he’s restricted to only using the stand he has, he also uses one of his controller backs to act as a spacer for his two midi fighters.  His main mixer is the Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 which already provides midi pads for cueing and triggering.