November 11, 2012

Review & Video: Reloop Wave 8 Active Monitors

There are plenty of active monitors out there to choose from and believe it or not, hearing about a new monitor that has been released from a relatively unknown company, is actually a good thing for consumers.  Reloop has introduced their own active monitors to the party, and they’re titled “Wave 8”.  The design of these two way monitors aren’t eccentric by any means, and the front end is reminiscent of a pair of Alesis M1’s – but these “proper” active monitors (meaning that each box has its own stand alone power supply) also come with a nifty wired remote that allows for input switching without having to unplug or re-plug anything.

The back of the speaker box looks pretty standard with inputs for balanced TRS, XLR, and unbalanced RCA cables.  There are also separate controls for trimming both high and low frequencies, if you desire.  While the design and functionality of these speakers aren’t revolutionary – the added wired remote is.  Powered studio monitors are used in a variety of settings (not just as a means of producing music), and this means alternative uses for them, such as an iPod speaker for at home listening, have been taken into consideration – and the wired switch might actually come in handy.