November 11, 2012

How The QuNexus Works (CV/MIDI Routing and Conversion Demos)

Keith McMillen’s newest project has already garnered more support he could have ever asked for.  His first Kickstarter campaign yielded a thoughtful and original MIDI controller design that was extremely sought after in its early days on the market.  Even though he encountered some production problems that seem to plague many of the bigger businesses out there, the QuNeo eventually became the reality everyone hope it would be.  Fast forward to now, and he’s already collected a more than what he needs to proceed with his plans for the new QuNexus.


The QuNexus was marketed as the cure-all end-all MIDI controller, and promised to be compatible with the many types of MIDI communication protocols that already exist, including control voltage input/output.  The pad layout isn’t the most inventive, but the pads themselves represent a leap forward in touch sensitivity.  In this short video listed above, Keith demonstrates how to convert a standard MIDI signal into a control voltage that hardware can understand.  He also deals with USB MIDI and routing control voltages two and from it as well.  Nearing the end of the video, he uses Ableton to route three different control voltage outs with a slew of added effects.