November 13, 2012

Samplr – A Multi-Touch Sampler For ipad

There are thousands of sampler apps out there for iPad and iPhone users.  They all come in different flavors – some are extremely focused and serious, while others are more playful and toy-like.  All in all, they tend to do the same thing.  In other words, these types of programs and applications have already existed for traditional PC and MAC users – the only thing new about the concept is that everything can be activated or altered by touch (instead of a mouse or keyboard input).  While more app designers try to find ways to port their existing software to the iOS operating system – some actually build them from the ground up.

This is the case for Macros Alonso, who has just released his newest app, Samplr.  Samplr does what many DAWs and production tools can do as well; sample, create, and layout pieces of audio into a final track of listenable music.  What makes Samplr innovative however, is the user interface.  The interface combines sound waves, gridding, sequencing, and effects all into one screen.   This means that layers of settings are no longer required, and you won’t spend your time flipping from scene to scene in order to adjust parts of the track.