November 13, 2012

Your Chance To Try New DJ Music Service Pulselocker For Free

Imagine if you went to the car dealership and told them you wanted to buy car A, and the dealer said to go ahead and drive the car for a few weeks, bring it back, and tell him if you feel like purchasing it.  Sure, this would never happen in real life for cars, but this seems to be the direction that online music purchases are headed.

There are already plenty of options for sourcing music.  You have your “record pools” where you pay a monthly fee, and choose from any of the songs available each month.  The downside is that you cannot hunt for a track; you can only browse through an already gathered collection.  If you want specific songs you’d usually go to retailers like Amazon or iTunes and buy them one at a time.  Soundcloud and Mixcloud are cool places to sample new songs on the market, but then you run into copyright and infringement issues as well.

Pulselocker is one of the newest ways for DJs to source music, and they offer an innovative feature: the locker.  Songs can be added to a wishlist or locker, but these song are free to use before your decide to buy – and yes they come in standard mp3 formats that can be used with Serato and Traktor.  If you don’t want to buy them, simply remove them from your locker.