November 14, 2012

Roland Releases Windows 8 USB Drivers

Operating system upgrades are something to be expected, at least once every few years.  Microsoft and Apple get their chance to pull something new from their bag of tricks and hope that customers grow to like the new changes.  Aside from usability and interface changes, there are also more technical changes in the operating system’s structure that need to be changed, to keep up with advances in hardware/software communication.  This is fine and dandy for the folks creating their operating systems, but sometimes in can wreak havoc on those who were just fine with the way things were before.

Gear makers and manufactures are pretty good about preparing for OS updates.  Many app developers had to rework and debug their apps in order for them to be fully compatible with the new iOS 6, such as the PPG Wave Generator.  Roland has been good about making sure their older interfaces and sound modules are kept recent due to all the modern changes.  With the release of Windows 8, Roland has released a new set of USB drivers for both 32 and 64 bit versions.  Roland products, from midi controllers, to sound capture devices, to interfaces will all receive driver updates.