November 14, 2012

TabStrummer MIDI Controller Lets You Strum MIDI Chords

You’ll probably meet many DJs and producers in your life who also have backgrounds playing other classical or traditional instruments.  There’s no doubt that learning the fundamentals of music theory on any type of instrument have boosted your skills as a DJ or producer.  Maybe you’ve played clarinet or perhaps a brass or horn instrument.  Both of these instruments are formed from the same musical though goes into the production of any tonal instrument – with the differences coming down to things like timbre or color.  All of these instruments, however, can be traced back to the piano.

When a working pianist gets behind a piano, he/she already understands concepts like counterpoint and melodic phrases.  If you’re producing music from a controller, sometimes thinking like a pianist can help develop your skills in song creation.  This is why the MIDI keyboard layout is so common, and thus useful.  What about if you want to mimic the guitar on a midi controller?  Are you fresh out of luck?  Well, the TabStrummer is looking to change the way people use their controllers.  This innovative device uses touch sensitive “strings” as well as touch sensitive “piano keys” to let you use your guitar “form” on a MIDI controlled device.