November 14, 2012

Elektron Analog Four ‘An Analog Synthesizer For The Modern Age’

Can analog and digital synth lovers come to an agreement on what type of equipment is considered worth of their use?  Maybe not; but there are gear companies out there working on ways to bridge the gap between the two, without making a mockery of either technology.  Elektron has put all of their eggs into one basket and have introduced the Analog Four to the market.  This four voice synthesizer supposedly uses the power of analog synthesizers, while using modern sequencer technology with precise Elektron sequencing.  The entire unit leaves behind a small footprint, and was designed for a production setting as well as live performance.

Ekektron has already produced some demo videos and teaser audio clips to show how capable the little unit actually is.  The sequencer itself is pretty robust and can handle up to 128 patterns with up to 64 step patterns.  There are only a few added track effects, but many synth voice features have been added which can be used on each of the four independent voices.   A small backlit LCD screen lets you know exactly what you are controller, but most of what the controller does can be found using the round pads that seem to be so abundant across the face.