November 14, 2012

Steinberg Cubase 7 Coming Dec 5th

When it comes to production tools and DAWs, everybody has their own flavor.  If you were trying to produce hip-hop beats back in the early 2000’s then maybe your first DAW was Fruity Loops or Pro-tools.  I remember spending countless hours trying to figure out the correct attack and decay while trying to wrap my head around ways to activate my piano roll from an external controller (there wasn’t as much available back then).  If you were more serious about producing music like EDM music, then maybe you skipped the whole sequencer-based layout and went for something like Ableton, Cubase, or Logic.  Of course you then had to spend weeks on end trying to figure out how the software actually worked.

We’ve all gone through the frustration of trying to do something simple, in a complicated piece of software – and this probably won’t get better for the novice who wants to try their hand at production, but at least the newest revisions to these types of software usually contain better ways to work and more intuitive interfaces.  Steinberg has released Cubase 7, which should be out on shelves next month.  It has new features such as “Chord Track”, which is supposed to help you with “intelligent” composing.