November 16, 2012

Traktor Kontrol F1 – The Hack Evolved

When Native Instruments released the Kontrol F1 it left a few of us scratching our heads and wondering why they would produce a controller that looks almost the same as the Kontrol X1, which was released long before it.  Native Instruments knew exactly what they were doing.  The release of the F1 was created to correspond only to their “remix decks” – which from a sales point, made perfect sense.  Instead of just creating software and letting other controller manufacturers have their way with it, they designed their controller to run directly with their own software.

This led many DJs to gripe since the F1 actually had everything they would need in a controller, even if they weren’t using Traktor.  It’s small size and square pad layout is ideal in almost any DJ situation – especially for creating and triggering cues on the spot.  Thankfully, hackers had the same thoughts in their head as well and were working on ways to crack the midi controller, allowing it to be used with any other DVS in any program of their choice.  So far, Vincent Cox has had the most success in this endeavor, and has found a way to let the F1 communicate with other MIDI receiving programs.