November 17, 2012

Is that a VJ in your pocket? vjay for iPhone is here

When you have Apple apps that perform like they should, you end up with somewhat of a serious threat to those who are developing independent hardware/software that does the same thing.  It all comes down to pricing.  I have sat here and read over countless articles on Synthtopia where some lone software engineer creates a specific application for a simple task.  It could be a sequencer or a fun tool to create music on the fly, but regardless of what it actually is – the price is almost always pocket change in comparison to software you buy at a store.

Algoriddim made it clear to the community that their djay app was nothing to taken lightly – and I can no longer perceive it to be some whimsical toy, when it is anything but.  Their newest app is called vjay, and yes it does exactly what it sounds like.  This new app gives DJs the ability to mix video without the need for a complicated mixer with built in screens.  The best part is that it can all be controlled at your fingertips.  The only technical problem is finding a way to feed video to a projector or television, but Apple’s AirPlay protocol will be making short work of that.  This could be a real contender to video SL.