November 17, 2012

$300 iPad App, Different Drummer, Lets You Tap Into The ‘Fountain Of Drumming’

I should probably explain myself.  I just made an argument about iPad apps being such a fantastic deal, since you usually only need to come up with a few bucks to get what you need – but I was wrong.  Apparently there are apps out there that will cost you about the same amount of money, as those that come with a pretty box and an instruction booklet.  It would be unfair to judge the quality of the app based on the fact that it can be readily downloaded online, and also on the fact that there is no brick and mortar “headquarters” where the app is being developed.  However, $300 for an iPad app does seem a bit excessive.

Hologramophone has released an app known as Different Drummer, which claims to look at drumming in a completely new perspective.  Most drum machine or beat apps come with some typical pad layout and are designed to register a percussive input (your fingers) into some kind of sequenced layout.  Different drummer supposedly uses the rhythmic power of waves to control drumming aspects instead.  I’m not quite sure what this entails, but at $300 I think I’d have a better chance at saving up for a decent pair of electronic drums.