November 17, 2012

Moog Intros All White Editions Of Its Analog Instruments

When that ice cold, tall pitcher of Kool-Aid is sitting out on the table with a clean glass standing next to it – it’s hard to not take a drink.  I would probably be able to ignore the Kool-Aid if it was only me in the room, but if other people start to pour their own drink I would have an easier time coming up with a reason to indulge.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’m talking about gear companies who re-release versions of their equipment in white (or any other color).

If there’s anyone to blame for the trend, I would have to say it’s Apple – they really turned white into the respected color that is today; stealing the spotlight from the flat black finish that we used to regard as “professional”.  Pioneer played a huge role in spiking our interested in having limited edition white finishes of gear that was already well respected.  Their CDJs, DJM mixers, and HDJ headphones can all be found in limited white versions.  Moog has unexpectedly taken the same route, releasing their analog series mixers in white.  I hate to say it, but they actually look pretty good.  I guess it’s hard to ignore the power of a clean white finish on high quality piece of gear – just don’t get it dirty.