November 18, 2012

USBtribe Adds USB MIDI To Korg Monotribe

Korg is probably better known for some of their more recent, playful entries into the world of DJ and production gear.  The Kaoss Pad and Kaossilator have been through more than one sitting at the drawing board and the most recent addition, the Kaoss Pad Quad is representative of years of trial and feedback from their perspective users.  Guitarists, singers, and DJs have found a place in their hearts for Korg products such as this.  Of course, you can’t ignore Korg’s footing in the keyboard and synthesizer domain as well, and you can’t help but notice that they really seem to have a hold over the entire music store’s offering when you step inside.

The Korg Monotribe may be unknown to many, because it doesn’t look like many analog synthesizers out there, nor does it perform in the same manner.  It’s small, compact, and has the capability to, not only sequence sound, but to create drum beats and loops at the same time.  The unit shares similarities to the mini kaossilator – it’s battery powered and meant to be taken on the go.  Korg has finally built a midi interface card known as the USBTribe that can be attached with very little effort.  Now your analog synthesizer can communicate with your favorite DAW to bring your recordings to the digital plane.