November 18, 2012

Review & Video: Mixed In Key iMashup For iPad & iPhone

If you’ve successfully learned how to beat match tempos with ease, it won’t be long before mixing from song the song feels second nature.  Therein lays the problem as well.  Mixing can get old and repetitive if you’re just mixing songs using the same 8 bar or 16 bar chorus format.  At a certain point in every DJs career, the idea of producing tracks becomes more apparent once they realize they can expand their mixes by actually creating transitions from scratch.  DJs who are no longer bothered by pitch bending and tempo matching usually start looking at their set holistically – or how the entire mix sounds (rather than just a transition from song to song).

For those who understand the idea of chord progression and how emotions are affected by harmonic transitions, Rapid Evolution and Mixed in Key are the two most widely used key finding programs used by DJs.  Now, Rane is offering a new twist on their software, called Mixed in Key iMashup.  It essentially allows two tracks to be inserted into the program, and analyzes them to see how well their harmonic keys match with each other.  If everything checks out, you are then left with a set of tools to edit and “mash” the two tracks together, no DAW or external editor required here.